PC Surveillance offers professional custom designed CCTV surveillance systems for your company offices, campus, retail locations, or government building. With nearly 15 years of experience PC Surveillance can provide you with cost effective designs and consulting that will meet your company’s specific needs. Experience peace of mind knowing your customers, assets, and employees are safe!

PC Surveillance specializes in video surveillance CCTV systems and offers industry leading solutions. We can design a system that is not only reliable and user friendly, but cost effective. CCTV surveillance systems have been our focus since our founding, and no one does it better. We serve clients all over North America, companies large and small, including numerous government facilities and college campuses.

PC Surveillance CCTV Consulting & Design

  • Comprehensive risk assessment
  • Iterative design concepts and drawings (CADs, blueprints etc.)
  • Budgeting, one on one with a certified professional

Advantages of a CCTV Surveillance System:

  • Deterrence – The presence of security system can reduce crime before it starts.
  • Forensic – Access your recorded video at any time to review past events.
  • Supplement your existing security forces with additional monitoring and quicker dispatch.
  • Monitor incoming persons to verify identity in remote personnel areas.
  • Provide your business with defense against frivolous litigation.


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