PC Surveillance has 15 years of experience working with a diverse set of organizations in a variety of different industries. We are GSA certified and specialize in these areas:


PC Surveillance CCTV Consulting and Design is a GSA contractor and specializes in state and city municipality security system design. We understand how demanding the security needs of government and military contracts can be and offer industry leading solutions. Gain centralized control over all aspects of security, with 24 hour CCTV monitoring on a single network. View all your cameras with a simple easy to use user interface that supports not only in house viewing but also remote viewing.


Campus security is a growing concern across many campuses in the USA today, PCS offers unique and targeted solutions specifically for education contracts. Protect students, faculty, and facilities, with a campus wide CCTV system that includes features such as foreign object and camera occlusion to detect vandalism. E-Map enabled software can be integrated into your campus map and provide you with exact locations for incidences allowing for quick response.


Casinos often require large and elaborate security CCTV systems while simultaneously facing a growing number of regulations. PC Surveillance can design analog and IP combined systems to help control costs as well as provide clear images for your security team. PCS can tailor each and every camera for the area it views, whether it be a corridor or set of gaming machines. And you can be sure after years of experience with casinos that the system we design for you will be reliable and comply with all your local and federal regulations.


PCS can design around any size space, whether it is a large warehouse or manufacturing plant we can provide designs specific to both your interior and exterior needs. We have experience compensating for low light areas and environmental obstructions. No matter the size of your industrial park, PC Surveillance can develop a strong, thorough, and cost effective, CCTV surveillance system.


No matter how many locations your company has, big or small, PC surveillance can provide CCTV surveillance system designs tailored for each location to ensure a cost effective and easy-to-use security network.

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